Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Watercolor Techniques

Purpose: To experiment, explore, and learn a variety of ways to paint with watercolor.

The most important concepts I learned from water color this year was how the use of water can change the value and how pigmented your paint is. By using more water you can make your color lighter. So you don't need a pink paint and a red paint, but instead you can just add more white to the red to make any desired shade of pink. I also learned that by over lapping thin light sections of paint you can gradually make a section darker by adding layer upon layer. I also learned that by putting tape in different shapes and then painting over and around it you can make separate blank sections. These sections with no pigment, when you take the paint away, can add an interesting visual effect. Over all, I really enjoy painting with water color and it was very interesting to learn further techniques in class!

Final Thoughts

The three most memorable highlights of the semester and the pieces I learned the most from were my Imaginative Self Portrait, Watercolor Experiment Page, and my Color Pencil Piece. I experimented with dot techniques for shading in my piece. I enjoyed this piece the most and learned from working with the pen. I learned a bunch of different techniques of how to paint with watercolor by working on my Experiment Page of watercolor. I found it interesting how many ways there were to paint with watercolor and enjoyed learning them. These techniques will definitely benefit any further pieces I make using watercolor. In my Colored Pencil piece I learned how to shade and mix colored pencils. I had never really made a realistic, very detailed piece with colored pencil before. While this piece was time consuming, I learned a lot and enjoyed working on it. Overall, I think I learned quite a bit this year, and I think my experiences in this class have made me grow as in artist. 

Work of Art that I am most proud of

I am most proud of my Imaginative Self Portrait. I really enjoyed this project the most out of all of the ones we did in class this year. I put a lot of time and thought into this piece and every symbol inside represents of piece of my personality. This piece impacted my learning because it gave me a chance to experiment with a fine point pen in a way I haven't done completely before. I used little dots to shade various parts of my drawing and draw different section with the dots alone. I enjoyed coming up with the different aspects I was going to put in my piece and how I was going to incorporate them in my drawing. This piece was very fun for me to work on and I could see myself doing more pieces in the future using these methods I used in this piece. I wouldn't change anything about this drawing at all. It came out exactly as I wanted and I had a lot of fun, and learned a lot from creating this piece.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Unsung Hero, Helen Taussig

To my belief an unsung hero is someone who did something for the greater good and goes on not looking for recognition and rarely ever does. I chose Helen Taussig because of her amazing heroic act that went unnoticed for so long. Not only was it hard enough wanting to be in the medical practice as a women in the 1930s, she also was dyslexic. She overcame these obstacles in her path and saved many lives of babies, not only back then with the surgery she invented called the Blalock-Taussig-Thomas shunt which delivered the right amount of oxygenated blood through the heart and lungs, but because of the many lives continue to be saved today. Not only was this a great invention in itself, it also laid the foundation for open heart surgery to be later developed. I chose Helen to represent in my work of art because of her immaculate perseverance through everything she had to put up with in order to save all the lives that she did.
My work expresses my hero's heroic acts by having the imagery of the nurses hands holding up the children saved, holding up the oxygenated heart. The jumbled words in the background representing the struggle of having dyslexia and getting through that, and overall having the theme of the blue dripping away from the children and the heart over Helen’s name representing the term “blue babies” which was the syndrome she fixed with the surgery she developed. My overall piece expresses the development of the surgery Helen made, the struggle it took to get there, and the impact it made on the children's lives and the impact it continues to make today.
I creatively and uniquely created my piece in response. I took her background of having dyslexia in the background and put the biggest impact she had to work hard for her whole life of saving these “blue children” with the healthy heart in the middle and all of the children that were saved by this procedure to the sides. I wanted to make sure I made a piece that both grabbed the eye and made you interpret what Helen’s impact on the world and lives around her were.
After researching Helen and creating this project my outlook on life has changed quite a bit. To know that Helen went against the odds and did what she wanted to do and saved so many lives around the world is very inspiring to me. It makes me think if she can overcome not only being dyslexic trying to have a career in the medical field and being a woman, then I can do just about anything I set my mind to as well. Helen’s story has also made me realize that if one story like hers went unnoticed for so long then I can’t imagine how many other amazing unsung heros are out there that never got the recognition they deserved. I think that we all should try to start going out of our way to make the world a better place. No matter how small the act may seem to be at the time, it could have a great impact on so many more people than you would think.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Vegetable/Fruit Painting

I learned that when painting still lives of fruit it makes the painting more interesting if you place complementary colors next to each other. If you are to use orange and then a lighter orange next to each other they cannot stand out as much as if you were to place purple next to one. I learned that you can use different brush strokes in the same color to add texture without mixing other colors into it. I learned how to used the pallet knife to paint a still life with. I have never used a pallet knife before to paint fruit so I found that pretty fun to try for the first time! Over all, I think that painting these two still lives helped me to learn more about using different colors and techniques quite well.

Monday, May 16, 2016

LMC Unsung Hero Planning

The stories of Helen Taussig and Dorothy Buell inspire me the most. They inspire me because they are both strong women who fought for things they believed in and cared about. Visually I think both of these women's stories inspires me visually. Helen caring for the well being of children hearts and Dorothy for taking care to preserve the coast lines and dunes. I'm considering for Helen using hearts and X-rays of children and for Dorothy I would do a painting of the shore. For both of these I am planning on going more realistic but having an element that also conveys the story.  

Thursday, May 5, 2016

What is a still-life?

A still life painting is of ordinary, common household inanimate objects. The objects are often placed and arranged by the artist with controlled lighting. These paintings are used as an exercise for an artist to focus on refining their craft and practicing control. You can choose your style in which you want to paint the objects from realism to abstract.

Jeanne Chesterton Appreciation date unknown

I choose this image because I love roses and the colors chosen for this overall painting I found interesting. I like the way the light hits and reflects off of the strands of ribbon and the way they fall. I also enjoy the style in which she paints by making the edges almost seem to fog into each other. I wonder how she made her edges seem to melt like that into each other. I think this piece could influence my painting, possibly in the hues of paints she used. I may also try to paint with my edges fogging into each other like hers did.